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Have you been thinking about conquering the trails of the world-renown Superstition Mountains, meaning the 3,000-foot-tall fault bound volcanic plug?! If so, it would be wise to venture out to the coordinates of 33.410093° N, 111.400938° W with an experienced guide!

There are many spectacular, eye-opening and goose-bump providing aspects that come along with exploring this 242 sqaure-mile region, such as encountering historical trails like the back-in-the-day gold finding Peralta Trail, the great abundance of wildlife like mountain lions and amphibians and the ample beauty in the scenery of canyons, deserts and giant Saguaro cacti.

Low Water Supply and Potential Sources of Water

Now back to the main topic, why should I utilize a guide in my backpacking or hiking adventure, you may ask? Well, were you aware that the hiking trails of the Superstition Mountains have an extremely low supply of water? If not, you should know. There is no need for Lumosity: Brain Games and Brain Training, like seen advertised on TV, when you have AHA’s blog!

Tony Ranch Spring, Hackberry Spring and Pinto Spring Trough are a few examples of the unpredictable and scarce 11 West End and 8 East End water sources. Take a look at the map below… Do you see many blue streaks, representing water availability?

Superstition Mountains Topographical Map

Potential Active Water Sources on Superstition Mountains courtesy of Superstition Search and Rescue

Reason for Lack of Water On Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains Water Stream

Image courtesy of

The main reasoning for the lack of water supply in this region is due to extreme hot temperatures and lack of precipitation. Perennial water sources as well as seasonal water sources also have a large contributing factor to where and when to locate sources of hydration.

A perennial stream or perennial river is a stream, river or channel that has continuous flow, of fresh water, in parts of it’s stream bed all year round. A seasonal water system, on the other hand, is only available during a small duration of the year. Unfortunately, the Superstition Mountains have a limited selection of both, therefore, the importance of knowing the difference and where to locate them is highlighted.

Purifying Water on Superstition Mountains

Our guides are very well-versed in water supply along the trails in the Superstition Mountains. So, now, let’s provide a scenario… You come across a significantly-varied water source (YES!), do you think you are all-set? Nope, is the answer. Iodine, which is used as a water purifier in our first aid kits, always times needs to be applied to water before consuming or cooking with. It is very important to be mindful of the fact that even clean and pure looking water as well as running water can still be very dangerous to drink without proper purification.

Dipping Water Bottle into Stream

Signs of Dehydration

Why are we stressing obtaining water so greatly? There are many risks associated with lack of hydration intake. Symptoms of exercise-induced and heat associated dehydration include, but are not limited to headaches, dizziness and even death! Because of the fact that no one has time for that, it is crucial to know where to locate water, obviously!

Best Bet, Use an Experience Guide

Interested in taking a hike in the Superstition Mountains? Use a guide, remember?! For further information on Arizona Hiking Adventure custom trips in the Superstition Mountains, check out the Tours branch of our website and more specifically, look-up the Superstition Mountains Wilderness Trip. We know you will be impressed by the potential itinerary!

Until next time as we would much rather be off the beaten path,

Arizona Hiking Adventures.