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havasupai-falls-image1Most visitors to the Grand Canyon drive from one crowded overlook to the next never experiencing the true inner beauty of the Canyon. Little do most travelers know that tucked away in the depths of the Grand Canyon is a type of Shangri-la, a stunning oasis, called Havasupai Falls.

Havasu Canyon is a paradise nestled deep within the Canyon. Havasu Falls is an area of towering red walls, turquoise-colored travertine pools, and stunning cascades. There are many waterfalls and the aquamarine colored streams lined with giant cottonwoods thrive below the shade of the majestic red sandstone walls. Arizona Hiking Adventures’ guides know this region well, and they will insure that on this Arizona guided hiking trip you will experience the true wonders of this magical area. You will have the opportunity to get up and close to Havasau Canyon’s three major waterfalls; Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Najavo Falls during our 4 day, 3 night hiking adventure.

Throughout your guided hike in Havasupai you will witness a diverse population of life, including over 1500 plant varieties and more than 500 types of animals. We will hike through an area of undisturbed natural habitat over a range of elevations from desert to mountain forests on the rims. Supai has around 450 Native Americans that call this area their home on the Havasupai Reservation. The Havasupai have lived in the Canyon for hundreds of years, farming the fertile soil raising maize, squash beans and tending their livestock.

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