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off-the-path“Get off the beaten path” is Arizona Hiking Adventures’ motto. However, it is with much disdain that I witness hikers wandering off the actual trail. Typically, there are very few reasons to stray from a marked trail. Whether it be to pursue that perfect photo, or to save time by cutting across the open desert, we must resist temptations in order to protect the area we are exploring. Future hikers have the right to enjoy the landscape, just as we have viewed it. Typically these guilty parties have the attitude that they are only one person and they really can’t do too much harm, can they? Yes they can! While the impact of one individual can be minimal, the damage caused by this repeated behavior can cause irreversible damage to the environment. Damaged vegetation and ground erosion are not easily repaired. There is a solution: if you are walking on a marked trail, stick to the path whenever possible! During our guided hikes in Arizona, or wherever we may be travelling, our team strives to educate our guests on preserving the integrity of the landscape.

Hint: When you are exploring an area with a group that lacks a defined trail, fan out to avoid forming a path which future hikers may follow. It will lessen the impact on the environment.

hikers-in-a-lineAt Arizona Hiking Adventures, we will get you “off the beaten path”, however, this literally means that we will guide you on routes much less traveled. This will insure your enjoyment during your hiking adventure, without the swarming crowds. Remember, it is up to each of us to insure we leave the desert as we entered it; as untouched as possible.